Stay Tuned…

NickyB-171Since Westlife ended in 2012, and following Nicky’s exploits on Strictly Come Dancing, Nicky has focused his immediate plans on ventures that have always been attractive to him such as TV and Radio.

However in April 2013, not even a year after Westlife’s final show, Nicky was approached to work on an exciting project (more news on this to follow soon!). He found himself back in the studio writing and recording with two old friends.

The two friends? Two musical geniuses Ronan Hardiman & Wayne Hector. Ronan is one of the world’s top composers, famed for his work on ‘Lord Of The Dance’. Wayne is an incredible songwriter who Nicky has worked with in Westlife for many years.

Nicky is loving the whole creative process – “I’m not under any pressure or deadlines it feels very exciting indeed!”

“So watch this space is as much as I can reveal for now, but hopefully you’ll be excited by what you may hear from these sessions one day!”