RTÉ_AnonymousNicky took part in RTÉ’s hilarious celebrity hidden camera series, Anonymous, in 2008. The show saw celebrities dress up in prosthetic disguises, in an attempt to fool unsuspecting members of the public.

Nicky gamely allowed himself to be transformed into eccentric Garda (policeman), ‘Mick Byrne’ from Mayo. Nicky, or rather ‘Mick’, wreaked havoc on the streets of Dublin, playing tricks on shop assistants and passersby.

He also targeted an unsuspecting Brian O’Driscoll, one of Ireland’s most revered rugby players, as well as Gary Kelly, a former Irish international soccer player.

Nicky even managed to fool his Mom and Dad!

Funnily enough, Nicky actually thought about joining the Gardaí before Westlife, and even sat the aptitude tests!